• Lim reported 601-441-2255: "I have ordered from Amazon, I have NOT ordered anything off the TV. So, it seems they have multiple ways to g..."
    2013-07-23 06:22:17
  • Justin reported 601-441-2244: "i order from amazon all the time and it's not coming from there. i ordered something off the tv (stretch mark ..."
    2013-07-23 06:21:41
  • Allen reported 512-441-2211: "Didn't work for me. Someone answered the phone and knew exactly who they had just called! It was the same as ..."
    2013-07-23 06:20:46
  • Mario reported 512-441-2234: "I have called this number and used the option #2 and it has contined to call anyway. My phone is voip and now..."
    2013-07-23 06:20:09
  • Alex reported 512-441-1223: "Thanks for the great information. They've just called me and hung up when the answering machine came on. QRI..."
    2013-07-23 06:19:47
  • Jess reported 512-123-2221: "I have a feeling this stems from online and television infomercials as I just ordered "furniturefix"..."
    2013-07-23 06:19:17
  • Risie reported 512-123-2234: "I just ordered a solar charger and that's when these calls started. I'll keep an eye on my credit card. thank..."
    2013-07-23 06:18:53
  • Gav reported 401-123-2112: "Me too on the FlexSeal, but I ordered online. So it's not limited to just ordering via phone. Who would we cal..."
    2013-07-23 06:18:25
  • Joe reported 401-123-3341: "I also ordered Stompeeze and they are calling me. Did any of you find a way to get them to quit calling?..."
    2013-07-23 06:17:54
  • Jasmin reported 401-123-2231: "the same thing happened to me. it just started and i ordered dog teeth cleaner this weekend. guess i will be b..."
    2013-07-23 06:17:20

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